Jessie Grant reveals her shocking secret to Marlon Dingle

Ever since Jessie Grant and her son Ellis made it clear they had a family secret which they were keeping back from Marlon Dingle in Emmerdale, viewers have been wondering what she is hiding and whether it will lead to the chef having his heart broken once again.

Jessie has reassured Ellis that she doesn’t intend to tell Marlon about it unless she really has to but when she told Marlon that she wanted to slow down their relationship due to Ellis’ arrival in the village, he was put out.

When Ellis starts to snap at Jessie and treat her badly, Marlon is taken aback by his behaviour and Jessie’s reaction to it and asks her what is going on between them.

Later, Ellis makes it clear that he knows Jessie is up to something. At this point, Marlon returns home and Jessie realises that she has to be honest with him.

She reveals her family secret to him at last and Marlon is floored, unsure of what to say. What does Jessie have to tell him?

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