EastEnders lines up tension for Kush and Carmel as they clash over Sophie Will Sophie be forced to leave Walford?


EastEnders is lining up new tension for Kush Kazemi and Carmel as they continue to clash over Sophie next week.

Sophie – who is the mum of Shakil’s murderer – turned up on Carmel’s doorstep last night, but the true motive behind her visit will become apparent in upcoming scenes.

Furious that Sophie is still hanging around next week, Kush bluntly tells her to leave – but their exchange is overheard by an angry Carmel, who is quick to intervene.

As tensions escalate, Kush ignores Carmel’s advice that it’s time to move forward and gives her an ultimatum over Sophie.

In the aftermath of her row with Kush, Carmel throws all her energy into helping Sophie find somewhere else to live – unaware of just how much her son is struggling.

After another run-in with a drunk Kush, Carmel becomes more determined than ever to help Sophie out – insisting she reads her letter to Bruno’s lawyer to help reduce his sentence.

With Carmel completely distracted, a distraught Kush later breaks down over everything that’s happened – before warning Sophie that she isn’t welcome in Walford.

However, a calmer Kush later finds Sophie at the flat and is shocked to realise that she’s actually scared of him.

Determined to listen to her, Kush and Sophie have an honest conversation as she bares her soul to him – but will this prompt him to have a change of heart over her?

EastEnders airs these scenes next week on BBC One.

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